• Mia Lukeman-Knight

The Journey - Press Kit

We are very excited to have represented the positive messages that Street Support Southampton holds at its core value. Striving to connect people and organisations locally and to tackle homelessness in Southampton. We connected with our client instantly and have enjoyed working with them immensely, helping to guide and keep us on track with their brand guidelines. Their request; to create a one minute video and supporting social media content that raises awareness for the cause.

Our goal was to portray the homeless community without judgment or negative connotation. This being our first time handling the sensitive subject matter, it was a new challenge that needed to be approached with caution. It was important that our message conveyed only healthy and positive attitudes towards helping those in need. As well as this, creativity was also a key attribute in this project, which resulted in our ideation process being led by using personification, illustration and animation to communicate with our audience. These tools allowed us to steer our story in a direction that allowed people to relate while also experiencing a new perspective, and for this, we are very proud.


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