• Mia Lukeman-Knight

Press Kit: The Fundamentals of Self-Belief: Final Major Project

Sometimes we forget that we have the power inside of us to accomplish anything we put our mind to. Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves, that not everything is as impossible as it seems. Throughout all of our own stories, we at some stage see ourselves as an imposter but must remember that we are on track to become the protagonist. This project aims to revitalise the mindset of my audience and provoke the opportunity to change their self-perception.

My objective is important because research suggests that anxiety is at an all-time high. For a lot of us, anxiety is a big obstacle when attempting to conquer the day, let alone when trying to better ourselves, and that is no different for me. Which is why this series of photographs 'The Fundamentals of Self-belief', is the perfect exercise for me to explore how we as a community can help uplift each other.

The design of my project will be categorised into pairs of photographs, the same scene through different lenses. I will be using microelements to change the emotion and tone while using the same location and participants. The juxtaposition between the photographs will hold a comforting realisation that my audience can draw from. The three themes are as follows:

Pair 1: A single mum juggling the task of looking after her charismatic child while working from home, needing a reminder that she is doing a good job!

Pair 2: A man feeling exhausted, needing to escape the mundane to a more colourful world, to then realise that reality can be just as interesting!

Pair 3: A young woman dealing with the pressures of a promising career pathway, needing the encouragement to keep going!

To view the full press kit, please see below.

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