• Mia Lukeman-Knight

A New Direction: Final Major Project

Since the submission of my proposal, my project has changed, developed and adapted. My initial intention for my final major project was to bring perspective about anxiety and how it can affect our self-belief system. Specifically, exploring how that contributes towards the toxicity of conflict.

I planned on presenting this theme by staging 3 scenes using two images, resulting in 6 photographs overall. These two images would be representing the same scene but through two different lenses, like a parallel universe. The first photograph would demonstrate a hostile environment, as a result of anxiety and the second would convey a happier ideal scenario, where anxiety is not present. All photos will be distinctively designed to show relevant semiotics via microelements such as mise-en-scene and editing.

Old plan: ‘The Fundamentals of Self-belife’

This subject matter is important to me due to recent discoveries within my personal life and this was going to be my opportunity to share that with family and friends. As the pandemic hit, I saw through social media that my struggles with mindset were actually shared in my community and even across the globe. Furthermore, this realisation has led to a new theme emerging; mental health during the lockdown. The effects of Covid-19 are unavoidable. Because of this, I felt inspired to reevaluate my project, I am now investigating how I can develop this new theme further. I intend to take the base of my original proposal and take it to a higher level, being able to reach out to more people by making my content more relatable.

Multiple lockdowns have meant that everyone is spending more time at home, more than ever before. In addition to this, because of the uncertainty during the current climate, anxiety is at an all-time high. These two factors combined have resulted in a negative mindset being attached to our homes, the place where we usually feel most at ease. It can be difficult to feel good at home when there is little motivating our esteem, which calls for a reminder. Moving forward, I will now be photographing my scenes specifically in the home, showcasing various scenarios through a positive and negative mindset. This will be slightly changing the narrative but it allows me to be more playful, creative and overall cause my project to be more relevant.

New plan: (Working title: ‘Home is where the heart is’)